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Omega Pure

Omega Pure

Omega Pure (60's)

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Omega Pure is an entirely vegan source of the highly-unsaturated essential fats, DHA and EPA, which until now have only been available in fish oils, or indirectly through seed oils such as flax, hemp and perilla.

Algae are the prime source of EPA/DHA, the starting point in the food chain whereby krill and then fish obtain these essential fats. Think of algae as the Mother of Good Fats.

Cultivated in pristine ponds in France and the UK, and manufactured in Switzerland, Omega Pure is completely free of any ocean toxins such as mercury and dioxins.

The oil is produced by a process known as Super-Critical CO2 extraction, which uses neither heat nor chemicals, thus protecting the fragile fatty acids and resulting in a natural product of exceptional quality and purity. It is an ideal choice for pregnant/nursing women.

The manufacturing of Omega Pure is in stark contrast to that of fish oil supplements, which require the killing of marine life followed by intensive chemical scrubbing, heating, deodorising and refining of the oils to rid them of toxins or, in the case of farmed fish, of fat-soluble hormones and antibiotics.

Omega Pure is easily digestible without any fishy reflux or unpleasant odour.

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