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Banting Cocoa Almond Muffins (4's)

Banting Cocoa Almond Muffins (4's)

Decadent Chocolate muffins with almond flakes. Yum!

Free from gluten and refined sugars, this banting friendly muffin has all the rich and delicious taste - with none of the nasties.

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Rose wrote:

“Your gluten free products have been an absolute lifesaver.
After six decades of suffering from misdiagnosed coeliac disease, I have now found products that have turned my life around. After years of pain, severe indigestion, bloating, nausea, a completely unnecessary major abdominal operation, and finally uncontrollable diarrhea, I am now once again able to leave my home confidently, knowing that I will not be embarrassed by undignified symptoms.
From the very first time I started eating your products I noticed an almost immediate improvement. No indigestion pains, and within hours no more diarrhea. And after a year of using gluten free products my coeliac count is down to 10. I had been told it may take up to two years to get my count down, but at this rate it will soon be negligible. My Gastroenterologist is very pleased with my progress.
Another interesting thing is that my "geographical tongue" has almost completely healed. Many other coeliacs have written about this lesser but frequently occurring problem. Eating the right foods has made a huge difference. My tongue is not raw and sore like it was.
The skin rashes that I experienced have all but vanished too.
This is just a short summary of some of the incredible benefits of eating the right foods.
Thank you so much for establishing a truly world class bakery that caters for people like me.
. Posted on 7/25/2017

Coriza wrote:

Definitely the whole gluten and sugar free fresh baking range. So wonderful to order fresh baked products for a kid that is gluten, sugar(diabetic) and lactose intolerant. Makes my life so much easier.. Posted on 7/18/2016