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Fresh Earth Banting Pizza Bases - Gluten Free 2's

Fresh Earth Banting Pizza Bases - Gluten Free 2's

Take a break from cauliflower and choose the Banting Pizza Bases. The pack contains two gluten and yeast free low-carb pizza bases. Add toppings of your choice of try our Mediterranean Pizza recipe. 

  • Earn 10 Earthbucks for every R10 spent



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Fatima wrote:

Our Family enjoys healthy pizza night every Friday night thanks to the Fresh Earth banting pizza bases.. Posted on 7/18/2016

Coriza wrote:

Definitely the whole gluten and sugar free fresh baking range. So wonderful to order fresh baked products for a kid that is gluten, sugar(diabetic) and lactose intolerant. Makes my life so much easier.. Posted on 7/18/2016

Julie wrote:

I have been to most of the banting pizza places in CT and this home made Fresh Earth Pizza was the best I have ever had!

. Posted on 6/27/2016