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The Fresh Earth Café is a resturant where you can enjoy healthy vegetarian and vegan foods.

We use only natural and organic ingredients and cater for people with special dietary requirements such as wheat/gluten intolerance, hypoglycemia etc.

Matthew (proprietor and manager) loves to create the best quality meals from scratch, because he knows that food in its purest form – untainted by artificial additives, sweetners, colourants and preservatives – is the best tasting and most nutritious food available. 

And this food is readily available from the our Vegetarian Restaurant, which offers a full a la carte menu and a Mon-Sat buffet which appropriately dubbed the ‘Table of Abundance’.

Only natural and organic ingredients are used.

Call 011 646 4404 to order & collect

Restaurant Trading Hours:

08h00 - 17h00 Mondays - Fridays
08h00 - 15h00 Saturdays
08h00 - 15h00 Sundays
08h00 - 15h00 Public holidays
Closed - Religious holidays