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CmC Slimrose Tea - 20's

CmC Slimrose Tea - 20's

SLIMROSE has been found to be beneficial in increasing one’s metabolism, thus being of assistance in a weight loss program.  Dieting and poor eating habits can contribute to nutritional imbalance and anemia and SLIMROSE, by helping to normalize the systemic circulation, assists one in achieving optimum health. 

  • Earn 10 Earthbucks for every R10 spent



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Michelle wrote:

I have to say I was schepitical that tea could help me lose weight? Who would've thought that after years of trying mainstream artificial supplements that this tea would be my solution. I am happy to say that I am no longer bloated, constipated and that I've reached my weight goal with the help of this tea. Recommende to anyone struggling with weight issues.. Posted on 8/15/2018

LEE wrote:

I have been on Slimrose tea for about a month now and I am seeing results. It's a healthy way to lose weight because it speeds up metabolism. I've started making Ice tea from it that I use throughout the day and I feel great!. Posted on 8/15/2018