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If you want the simple truth, your lifestyle choices make a difference to the health of the planet and all its citizens. We hope that our wide range of natural and organic products,

carefully scrutinised, will help you focus less on the "green" talk and rather enjoy the “green” walk. 

Here's how your EarthBucks Savings Account works:

  • One EarthBuck is worth R0.10
  • You earn 1 EarthBuck for every R1 that you spend on our website.
  • You will earn 10% back of your total spend.
  • EarthBucks cannot be used to pay delivery fees.
  • EarthBucks are automatically credited to your EarthBucks Savings Account once an order has been successfully completed and verified. 
  • To use your EarthBucks choose "EarthBucks Savings Account" as your payment method when during the online shopping experience. 
  • You can use your EarthBucks in your EarthBucks Savings Account to make the entire or partial payment for any particular order.
  • You can check the status of your EarthBucks account by logging in and clicking on "My Shopping Cart".