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2009-11 & 12 - Superfoods

NOV/DEC 2009


Picture getting a prescription from your doctor for broccoli, garlic and wheatgrass. This is the scenario that scientists are predicting, as more and more phytochemicals are found in food.

Phytochemicals are lively compounds in food that prevent disease. Indoles, found in cabbage and Brussels sprouts, have anti-cancer properties. Chlorophyll, in green plants, helps oxygenate the blood and improve energy. Allicin, in garlic and spring onions, boosts t [...]

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2010-01 - Resolve to live consciously



While the New Year provides an opportunity to make lifestyle changes, any time is a good time to aim for positive growth. What's nice is that simple changes can have a massive impact. Here are some ideas that don't ask a lot of you but really do deliver.

Reduce Packaging to Reduce Cost - One of the easiest ways to save money, yet still enjoy high-quality, natural food is to buy bulk. You can choose as much or as little as you need, pay for less packa [...]

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2009-02 - Fertility



Infertility affects one in seven couples and is defined as failure to conceive after one year of regular unprotected intercourse. Just as it takes two to parent a child, it takes two to be infertile, so both partners need to be investigated. Please join us for our Free Talk this Thursday, by renowned homeopath Dr Danny Pillay.

 Part of preparing your body for pregnancy is creating balance internally.

This means creating a balanced lifestyle through nutrit [...]

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2009-03 - Baby’s First Food and Toddler Nutrition

MARCH 2009


Our children's development, health and happiness depend on the quality of the food we feed them.

Every child develops individually and differences in overall diet plans are completely normal.

The individual behaviour of a baby influences their energy requirements and therefore influences their desired meal servings.

Make sure you have the fundamentals of sound nutrition right and focus on these above all else:

  • Always use organic. Organic food not [...]
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2009-04 - Clean and Green

APRIL 2009


The safety of beauty and household products has largely been taken for granted but as you do with food, its vitally important to also scrutinise these ingredients.

The shampoos you apply to your body and the detergents you use in your home eventually end up down the drain and into our water system. It is therefore important that these products have no negative environmental impact during manufacturing and also when released into the environment.

Natur [...]

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2009-06 - Your Planet Needs You

JUNE 2009


Food is my passion and I take it very seriously. As a Nutritional Chef I cannot stress enough how the quality and length of our lives depend on the food we eat.

Lifestyle diseases are largely a result of eating an unbalanced diet and the evidence is clear that eating plants promote health. We do not need animal products and fast food, but excessive marketing and Government indoctrination over the last 100 years have led us to believe that we can’t do wi [...]

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2009-08 - Cancer and Nutrition



Research shows that healthy eating could prevent up to a third of all cancers. There are a number of naturally occurring phytonutrients shown to reduce cancer risk. Fruits and vegetables of every kind offer slightly different beneficial compounds.

Why are medical doctors not telling patients this and helping them to shift from a feeling of helplessness in the face of these frightening illnesses to empowerment?

Do what you can to protect your body fr [...]

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2009-10 - Coping with Stress



The body converts nutrients into message-carrying chemicals that have a direct effect on our emotions.

Nutrient deficiencies can cause psychological problems in vulnerable people. When we are feeling down we often neglect ourselves, so the condition is exacerbated by poor diet. Cheer yourself up with foods rich in trytophan, selenium, B vitamins and protein.

Forgetfulness, inability to concentrate and "brain fog" can stem from many causes, almost al [...]

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2010-02 - Relax, your children will thank you forever



Our children pay close attention to our moods. When we feel upset, our kids may become anxious, and at the same token when we wind down, our children also get the chance to relax.

When you feel overwhelmed and stressed it can be hard to help your child feel balanced. To help you and your child replace stressful and anxious feelings with feelings of optimism, confidence and joy here are some ways to reduce stress:

Eat dinner together
Spend time with [...]

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2010-03 - Happy Water!

Throughout our lives, we exist mostly as water.

This connection to water applies to everyone, all over the world. So how can people live happy and healthy lives? The answer is to purify the water that makes up your body.

Water in a river remains pure because it is moving. When water becomes trapped, it dies. Therefore, water must constantly be circulated. The water - or blood - in the bodies of the sick is usually stagnant. When blood stops flowing, the body starts to decay [...]

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Boosting your Immune System

A good foundation for long-term health consists of a mix of fresh, minimally processed foods from all food groups.

This includes: plant proteins; carbohydrates from fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain-based breads, cereals, and pastas; and heart-healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, and avocado.

Equally important, a good diet contains delicious foods you enjoy.

Though everybody has different needs, here are some healthy choices you can easily incorporate into your c [...]

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Mental Health

Losing your mind as you get older is a myth. You can stay mentally alert with the right nutrition.

If your memory isn't as good as it used to be, your concentration is fading and your mind is not so sharp, you may be another victim of a widespread epidemic of brain drain.

At best, you may be failing to reach your full potential for mental health. At worst you may be one of 4 million people now thought to be suffering from age related memory decline – reduced cognitive function and an increa [...]

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2009-01 - Time to detox?



It is very hard not to over indulge during the festive season as we celebrate with family and friends. And while this may be great for your social life, it does take its toll on your body.

So many people like to start the New Year with a detox - cutting out alcohol, wheat, dairy, sugar, drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

This is a vital habit to form. If you don’t, you expose yourself to a huge amount of unnecessary dis-ease [...]

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2008-12 - Tra-la-la-la-la!

Where did 2008 go? Last time I checked I was writing down my New Year's resolutions!

I love December. I use this time to consolidate all my thoughts and reflect on the year gone past (fast!) and show appreciation for those who have added value to my life.

December at Fresh Earth Food Store is about self indul [...]

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