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Hummus Bowls

Made with our homemade hummus, lined in a bowl and topped with all sorts of goodness that makes for high-nutritional, light snacking!

Quinoa Hummus Bowl: Quinoa and wild mushroom balls in a hummus bowl served with chopped tomato, onion and cucumber, dressed with tahini sauce and topped with peppadews and micro herbs. R49 (GF/ Low carb)

Falafel Hummus Bowl: Handmade falafel balls served on a bed of hummus with chopped tomato, onion and cucumber dressed with a tahini sauce and micro herbs R49 (GF)

Nut Ball Hummus Bowl: Mixed nut balls (walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, brown rice, onions. herbs and seasoning) served on a bed of hummus with chopped onions, cucumber, tomato and micro herbs and topped with fresh tahini sauce. R49 (Vegan/ GF)

Roast Vegetable Hummus Bowl: Mixed julienne of seasonal vegetables on a bed of hummus, onion, cucumber and tomato and topped with micro herbs, fresh basil pesto and feta cheese. R49 (Low carb/ GF)