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When your child refuses to eat anything other than refined sweet foods, the path of least resistance feels like the only road. Now, however, there’s even more evidence that suggests it’s important to at least try to feed them the broccoli first, lest they develop unhealthy eating habits that last much longer than your average temper tantrum! To give them the best start, all our products are eco-friendly, with no harmful ingredients and complies with our strict ingredient policy. We even have some temper tantrum remedies at hand;-)

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  1. Holle Millet Porridge (250g)
    Holle Millet Porridge (250g)
  2. Holle Oats Porridge (250g)
    Holle Oats Porridge (250g)
  3. Holle Organic Millet Porridge - 250g
    Holle Organic Millet Porridge - 250g
  4. Holle Rice Porridge (250g)
    Holle Rice Porridge (250g)
  5. Holle Spelt Porridge (250g)
    Holle Spelt Porridge (250g)
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