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Maxup Cal Mag Anti-Stress (200g)

Maxup Cal Mag Anti-Stress (200g)

Calmag calm is the optimum 2:1 ratio blend of Calcium: Magnesium in a natural acid base. The blend of minerals (calcium, magnesium and potassium) are reacted with natural acids (absorbic, citric) to form pre-digested and highly bio‚ÄĎavailable mineral complexes. The final drink ends up CLEAR, with totally dissolved minerals ready to be absorbed.

This organic chemistry reaction is the key technology that allows these mineral forms to be the most absorbable and easily assimilated by your body. Without the acid breakdown process, most formulations – especially regular calcium tablets  – are not very effective in your body. Potassium is included as an essential electrolyte that also may aid the relief of cramping and muscle fatigue.

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