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Soaring Free Spirulina Powder (200g)

 Soaring Free Spirulina Powder (200g)

Spirulina, Arthrospira Platensis, is microscopic, blue - green algae which grow in warm, alkaline lakes and ponds. It has since ancient times been noted for its nutritional health benefits and enhancement of general well-being. Because of the potency of its effects on the human body it is considered as a superfood.

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Teresa wrote:

My daughter adds this magic blue-ish powder to our smoothies in the morning, thus masking the unique taste, which some might not enjoy. I feel healthier in a way, I haven't been sick all year so far and I feel great compared to my previously sluggish self. So definitely an immune and energy booster. I'm hoping the anti aging is effective too :) time will tell. But not only do we drink it in our smoothies, I also like to make a paste by adding some water and applying to my facial skin, really soft and smooth afterwards. This product is a must for each and every home! The benefits are endless.

. Posted on 7/21/2016