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The Real Thing Zeolite Powder - 300g

The Real Thing Zeolite Powder - 300g

It happens naturally. Take volcanic rock and ash, add some alkaline ground water and allow to blend for a few million years. There you have it. Zeolite. A volcanic mineral compound with healthy detoxifying effects.

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Bob wrote:

This stuff is amazing!

I have been consuming it for 30 days now and the effects are incredible.

I am sleeping through the night, my elbow skin has turned super soft, the bumps on the backs of my arms have disappeared and my eyes have even changed colour! . Posted on 8/3/2019

Trudie wrote:

Since we started 9n this zeolite we can honestly say our overall health is improving.....way more we will continue using...... Posted on 7/15/2019

Hayley wrote:

Zeolite reduces the acidity in my body,I try take it everyday first thing in the morning.I take it after a night of heavy drinking and it definitely helps remove toxins from the body.It's great for my skin too....internally and as a mask.Love this stuff!. Posted on 3/26/2018

Joande wrote:

I've been using The Real Thing Zeolite Powder for quite a while now, and think it's brilliant. It's helped me with my digestion issues and balances the pH levels in my body. Highly recommended!. Posted on 7/15/2016