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Vibrant Health Green Vibrance (345g)

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance (345g)

Green Vibrance is designed as the building block for optimal health for all.  This uniquely formulated superfood provides all of the essential vitamins and minerals in a nutrient dense plant form, enabling and facilitating their complete absorption by the body.  Green Vibrance also provides an array of nutrients to rehabilitate even the most dysfunctional gastro intestinal tract to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients.

A variety of herbs in Green Vibrance ensure nutrients get to every cell in the body by improving circulation.  The recent addition of 2000 IU of vitamin D3 as well as nutrients such as Phyto-Boron add to the bone protection already provided by the alkalizing nature of the green foods and included in this complex and complete formula.

How it works:

  • Earn 10 Earthbucks for every R10 spent



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Natalie wrote:

A firm favorite of mine, is the Vibrant Health Green Vibrance. +25 BILLION PROBIOTICS! I add it to my smoothies, or straight fruit juice. Sorts out my stress and builds my immunity. It makes me the clean, Green fighting machine that I need to be, at work, Crossfit and at play!. Posted on 7/18/2016